NikonClub Hong Kong - Connects You to Photography

Date Published: 6/10/2015
Category: Latest News

Nikon Hong Kong proudly presents the all-new NikonClub Hong Kong. We wish to encourage all Nikon users to communicate openly with a common interest, on photography with Nikon at this virtual arena.

The NikonClub Hong Kong is specifically designed to create an exclusive enclave for owners of Nikon products. With a wide range of activities provided by NikonClub, members can enjoy new experiences like never before, which goes with owning a fabulous Nikon camera. 

This is where Nikon users and product owners in Hong Kong can gather and be part of the exclusivity which NikonClub offers. Members will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and share their passion for photography with other users who understand and use Nikon’s range of products extensively. With NikonClub, members can fully express their passion for photography and benefit from the services provided by Nikon Hong Kong.

The Club is open to all Nikon camera users including any collectors, photo enthusiasts, hobbyists, serious amateurs, and professionals. We would like to see a strong friendship develop among its members and the Club. 

The Club will provide a fast and easy access to the latest Nikon products information, updated news and share real hands-on experiences. Among some of the exclusive benefits and programs that are tailored for you: Photo Contest, Workshops, Reviews, Photo Galleries, Courses, Photo Excursions and  much more.

To celebrate this special moment, Nikon will give away exclusive D4S USB Memory Stick to the first 300 successful registrants, for a limited time and limited stock only. So do not miss the chance and sign up NikonClub today!

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