What is NikonClub?

NikonClub Hong Kong is our online community portal for Nikon users to share photos, works, articles, and receive most updated news from the NikoClub with including photography talks, workshops, outings, contests for members, etc. Registration for NikonClub is completely free.

How do I become a NikonClub member?

You have to own a genuine Nikon product. If you have a Nikon product, simply fill in your details and register your product online. An activation email will be sent to you. Once you have verified your email, you’re done!

What Nikon products do I have to own in order to be eligible for a NikonClub membership?

To be eligible as a NikonClub member, you must own at least one of the Nikon manufactured items listed below:

Film SLR camera
   ● DSLR cameras
   ● Nikon 1 cameras
   ● COOLPIX cameras

Owners of Nikon accessories that are not listed above are NOT eligible to join NikonClub.

Are there any subscription fees or charges at all?
Membership is absolutely free! There are no first-time fees, renewal costs or any other hidden charges.

What are the benefits of NikonClub?
Being a registered member of NikonClub allows you to access our NikonClub portal to upload and share your works to other members, view inspirational photo albums from professional photographers and most importantly, other NikonClub members, check out the latest information about the Nikon products, catch up on the latest photography news, features and articles, as well as participate NikonClub activities and competitions.

I'm leaving Hong Kong. Do I have to terminate my membership?
NikonClub is only open for members who are currently residing in Hong Kong. Therefore, it will be advisable to terminate your membership with us if you will be leaving Hong Kong for good. If you wish to terminate your membership, please Contact Us.

Why am I not able to log in after I have registered?
Have you received a verification email from us? This verification email is required to verify that your email address is working and valid. Please check your junk mail to see if the email was sent there instead, or click on "I need that verification email again" to have it resent to you.

If you still have not received the verification email, you may have accidently typed in the wrong email address. You can check with us by Contacting Us.

I need further assistance. Who do I look for?
Our Customer Hotline will be more than happy to assist you. You can get in touch with them by clicking on Contact Us. We will endeavour to have all your questions answered.

I’m trying to register as a NikonClub member, but it states that my email address is in use. What’s going on?
Your email address is in use because you have registered at our system previously and we already have a record of your account. Please continue to update your account with your existing email address. You may want to update your email address and details in your account.

You may Contact Us if you have forgotten your user email and password.

I’m trying to reset my password and the system prompts me that my email address doesn’t exist, but I already have an account with NikonClub. How do I reset my password?
You can Contact Us with your email address for us to do a check in our system. We will revert with the password change.

Last updated on 6/9/2015 11:30:38 AM