About NikonClub Hong Kong

About NikonClub Hong Kong | ...Connecting You to Photography

The purpose of the formation of NikonClub Hong Kong is to merge all Nikon users (include DSLR, Nikon 1 and COOLPIX cameras) to have a common voice and a common fraternity club in Hong Kong. We believe in the Nikon imaging technology and are proud owners of Nikon cameras and its accessories. We are passionate with photography, and as Nikon users, this fraternity club will be another resource centre to provide a friendly, creative and inspiring atmosphere for enthusiastic photographers to share photography interests and to pursue and grow the final skills of the art of photography regardless of their level of proficiency or location at his or her own pace.

This club is open to all Nikon users including any collectors, photo enthusiasts, hobbyists, serious amateurs, and professionals. Members will have the opportunity to exchange ideas, share their passions of photography among the same users who understands and uses Nikon range of products extensively. This Club will provide a fast and easy access to the latest Nikon products information, updated industry news and share real hands-on experiences. Among some of the benefits and programs that are tailored for you are; Photo Contest, Workshops, Reviews, Photo Galleries, Courses, Photo Excursions and much more.

We wish to encourage all Nikon users to communicate openly with a common interest, on photography with Nikon at this virtual arena. We would like to see a strong friendship develop among its members and the Club. We have a panel of passionate photographers, and competent advisory staff from diverse disciplines, who are informative, ever willing to share and very keen to inspire members to enjoy photography, keeping it interesting and fun place to share, learn and be inspired

Thank You for Joining NikonClub.

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